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5 weeks to Carnival

Samba Schools in Sao Paulo are on the strret. No, they have not been displaced. It is only that the technical rehearsals have already started for them.

This means Carnival 2010 is at hand. All Samba Schools went to the Sambodromo (called Avenue) (Anhambi) last Saturday (Jan/09) for an official rehearsal.

This is done so they can check the time of the parade, the size of the allegory carts and so on.

In the video bellow you will see/taste a bit of three different Samba Schools: Rosas de Ouro, Gavioes da Fiel and Unidos do Peruche.

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Samba by Juca Ferreira, at Tonico’s, in Campinas

“Samba de Roda” is, according to Wikipedia, “performed by many capoeira groups, Samba de Roda is a traditional Afro-Brazilian dance that has been originally associated with Capoeira for many years. The orchestra is composed by pandeiro (tambourine), atabaque (drum), berimbau-viola (berimbau with the smallest cabaca and the highest pitch), chocalho (rattle – a percussion instrument), accompanied by singing and clapping.”

Samba no Tonico'sLast Saturday here in Campinas (a city 100 kilometers from Sao Paulo) we received musician Juca Ferreira and group for a night of Roda de Samba of highest quality and of truly Paulista Samba roots. It took place at Tonico’s Bar, a Samba temple in Campinas.

Tonico’s is three or four blocks from where I live, downtown in Campinas. Tonico is a nickname for Antonio, like Tonny for Antony.   The name of the bar is a tribute to Campinas famous maestro Antonio Carlos Gomes (Campinas, 11, July, 1836 – Belem do Para, 16, September, 1896). So Tonico’s is the maetro’s bar, just the palce to be a musical temple.

Every night of the week a different artist presents his work there. From the well-known to new comers, samba players have a garantied stand to perform. I recorded some of the performance to give you, dear reader, a taste. You will see music that was once persecuted by society, because of race, but is now acclaimed and enjoyed in the open — in the best entertainment venues of our cities.

In this opportunity Juca Ferreira launched a new CD with many new compositions.

Samba no Tonico'sIrreverent and joyful Juca Ferreira invites the audience to sing along and dance. His music is popular, well made, poetry addressing daily afairs of the outskirts of Sمo Paulo and the nights of Brazilian Samba bohemia.

In the video you see Juca Ferreira – lead singer; Vitor Casa Grande – small guitar; Xeina Barros – Taburin; Saulo Ligo – accustic guitar and back vocal; Clau Teodoro – percursion; Augusto Vechini – sax and flute; Tiago Camilo – percussion;  Marcus Godoy – acoustic guitar; Fabiana Ferreira – back vocal.

They are performing “Conflito” writen by T Cacula and Andre Pantera.