How to make money at Yahoo

People who like to write like to write, it is that simple. Maybe you think to yourself what you have to say is not really important, won’t make a difference or something like that. That is not true.

I totally encourage you to go there and start sharing your ideas, impressions and views. The world is a sea of souls each of them in a different pass, timing and development level.

So my friend, there is always someone who needs to drink from your spring of experience at one point or another. The key is to be true to yourself. Speak of what you like and believe. Share real experiences, impressions, ideas and thoughts. Someone out there will benefit.

dsc02116See, i.e., you go on a trip to the Amazon and as you go you share your impressions, likes and dislikes.  Lets say,  your own small little guide.  It is something simple, but might be very useful to the next traveller that path.

In the other hand you are text by text building content (text, video, picture, etc). The more you post the more money you will make out of your published content.

I have decided to have some material published every week. It may seem too little but in a year it will amount to at least 52 titles. In 5 years it will be a minimum of 260.

The more you write, film or take pictures the better you do it. Experience will make it easier and faster too. Think, if one starts at the age of 30 he or she could own more 500 pieces by the time of retirement – very nice extra $$$.

My perspective is simple: if you like to write, to film, to take pictures, to share, to make friends in such environment as the web and if later this activities starts to pay off… great, right?

YCN pays. Hands on work I am eager to read from you here too!


New input: You see this works for blogging too. This here is a blog, and look below, I put in it my own different bunisses as adds. It pays off. Try!

purific add
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Convite para gerar receita no Youtube!

Gente, olha que gostoso! 

Palavrinha linda: “monetization”  hahaha

Não é nem pelo $, mas pela valorização do conteúdo do canal GlowBrazil. 

Agradeço a todas as pessoas interessantes que entrevistei, organizações que me permitiram acesso, o The Flanders, os amigos do FB, do Orkut e do LinkedIn, meus amigos em Manaus, em Miami, na Filadelfia, no Canadá, em Londres, em Seoul, em Santa Cruz e em Buenos Aires. 

Meu agradecimento especial a SOFTWAY por me mandar para tantos lugares e eventos interessantes.

Bom, fica aqui desde já meu convite para vocês visitarem os vídeos! 
(Mandem sugestões e comentários, ok?

catchin, catchin!  hahahah

 O convite:

Prezado(a) GlowBrazil,

Sua conta do YouTube GlowBrazil pode estar qualificada para gerar receita com as reproduções de seus vídeos.

É fácil gerar receita com seu vídeo. Veja como funciona: primeiro, faça login na sua conta do YouTube. Depois, analise e siga as etapas descritas aqui:

Se sua conta estiver ativada, poderemos colocar anúncios ao lado dos vídeos enviados para monetização. Você terá participação nos lucros dos anúncios, desde que atenda aos requisitos do programa.

Obrigado e boa sorte!

Equipe do YouTube

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