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From the shores of Sao Paulo state four athletes are mobilized to achieve their dream of going to the World Triathlon (ITU) in Mexico next September. Fader Müller, Jefferson Oliveira, Luiz Felipe and Nicholas Cruz are qualified (double qualified) to participate as amateurs and represent Brazil in the event.


Without resources to do so (this is already the fourth time they qualify) they decided to seek collective financing (crowdfunding) via Benfeitoria. Benfeitoria is an innovative platform that has helped artists, researchers, social activists and now innovates once again supporting a sports initiative.

Well, these athletes are offsprings of Pro-Talentos a NGO.  So it does have a social side to it all as well. After all, this whole experience will be passed on to other athletes of the institution. The four mentioned here are Paulista Triathlon champions, Brazilian and Pan American also. Actually, for this very reason they are qualified for the World Cup.

Now the target is to mobilize as many people as possible to make the project viable. You who read us can support collaborating, disseminating and monitoring the progress of this story. What is undoubtedly very interesting and learning for all.

At Benfeitoria is all or nothing. Five targets have been programmed, the first of which will enable only two athletes to be sent, in the second target three and so on until the final target which is the whole team. But all or nothing means that if, for example, they do not reach the first target, which is 16,000.00 reais, all those who helped will receive their money back.

This entlitles the project with seriousness and great commitment. So, if they get ten thousand, for example, it failed… ten thousand will be back into the hands of Benefactors.

You may know Benfeitoria, the project “Towards the World Cup in Mexico” and also other projects at:

Prof. Antonio Carlos Rix
Escola Internacional Nova Geração

Escola Internacional

Boston finally calm

FYI from USA

Antonio Carlos –It’s a calm, quiet day in Boston today. It’s difficult to believe that such horror filled our streets only a week ago.

Two times, bombs rocked the streets of Copley Square. Three lives were taken that day, and a law enforcement officer was killed just three days later. More than 260 people were wounded, many of whom remain hospitalized with amputations and other scars of tragedy.

I’ve heard from folks across the country, asking what they can do to help. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino have formed a fund to help the people most affected by these tragic events.

If you’re looking for a way to help, please consider making a donation to The One Fund Boston today.

During the Boston Marathon, everyone in our city cheers for each other. We help each other across the finish line. When terror struck, we acted as a family. Throughout the chaos, courageous people ran toward danger to help strangers in need.

Now we cry together. We pray together. We help each other.

No one can replace what we’ve lost here in Boston. But today, and in the weeks and months ahead, we’ll get through it together — through sorrow and anger, rehabilitation and recovery. That’s what families do.

The OFA family knows how to work together to accomplish amazing things. Let’s make a difference for the Boston Marathon victims.

Your donation will directly help the families who need it most.

Please make a donation now to The One Fund Boston:

From West, Texas to Watertown, Massachusetts, we remember and honor the men, women, and children we lost last week. We help those whose lives will never be the same. And we thank our first responders, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, and National Guard for their heroic work.

I’m very proud of the people of Massachusetts for their strength, resolve, and courage. Bostonians are tough.

We are fighters — and we cannot be broken.

No matter where you live, thank you for being with us in our time of crisis and our time of healing. We run together.


Elizabeth Warren
U.S. Senator, Massachusetts


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