Interviews – Intermodal South America

List of videos from Intermodal:                       
Intermodal South America is second biggest foreign trade and logistics show of the Americas. In it I was able to meet people from all over the world in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Koreans, Germans, Franch, Israeli, I met spoke of their impressions of the show and Brazil in those videos.

From all the growing action I’ve witnessed the last four years or so, I can affirm Brazil is a mature country. Just the market for investiments. 

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Brazil – Telecom and IT Show FUTURECOM 2010

More than 16,000 people, some of them from 40 different counties, attended Futurecom Brazil 2010. Most Presidents, Directors and Managers of major Telecommunications and Information Technology companies in Brazil did too. This year organizers estimate an increase of about 3,000 professionals from the Information Technology sector, stimulated by the launch of new technologies. According them 40% of exhibitors are foreigners from several countries like China, India, Portugal, United States, France, Germany, England, among others.

 2010 show highlight was: Content Convergence, Services and Infrastructure. Issues such as cloud computing, MVNO, unified communications, among others, are of great importance for the Brazilian Telecom and IT market today.  330 speakers and panelists took part in Futurecom International Congress which consisted of lectures and panel discussions distributed in seven rooms across the Trade Show providing intence contact and business opportunities.

The interviews embeded here let all those aspects very clear. Specially that FUTURECOM 2010 was a great success indeed.  Mr. Kukita from Japan speaks of cloud computing chalenges and opportunities. Mr. Tuli from India speaks about how well the organizers welcomed him and about his product. Mr. Aronson and Zipris from Israel both spoke about their experience and the Brazilian market. Mr. Sabatier, who lives in Brazil, but is from France about his company new technology. All of them put together will render you a good feeling of what the Brazilian market is now and what FUTURECOM 2011 may be for you next year.