Conheça Curaçao em São Paulo e ganhe um viagem de negócios

Veja que oportunidade interessante para os visitantes da Intermodal 2013!

"Projeto de Negócios: GANHE um viagem a Curacao

Visite nosso stand C360 em Intermodal 2013 – avril 2-4,2013

Na feira INTERMODAL 2013, no Transamérica Expo Center (São Paulo) de 02 a 04 de abril todos os dias no estande C360 de Curaçao será sorteada uma viajem de Negócios a Curaçao !!

É a sua oportunidade de conhecer a melhor infra estrutura de negócios de todo o Caribe!

Projeto de Negócios_ Ganhe um viagem a Curacao 2013 Visit stand C360 em INTERMODAL 2013

Para participar entre em contato com e <a href="mailto:businessnfo , prepare um projeto explicando o impacto econômico do seu projeto para Curaçao.

Pode ser financeiro, logística, exportação, serviços, investimentos, tecnologia ou outros.
Você se reunirá com nossa equipe na feira e poderá explicar o seu projeto. Cada dia terá um ganhador que receberá passagens aéreas, estadia e alimentação por conta de Curaçao !

O que é que você está esperando ? Curaçao está pronta para fazer negócios com os brasileiros ! E você ? Está pronto ?
Assista o vídeo em anexo e entre em contato conosco agora!”

Para ter uma indicação dos parceiros do Curaçao que irão participar no stand do Curaçao em Intermodal ( C360) visite"

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Interviews – Intermodal South America

List of videos from Intermodal:                       
Intermodal South America is second biggest foreign trade and logistics show of the Americas. In it I was able to meet people from all over the world in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Koreans, Germans, Franch, Israeli, I met spoke of their impressions of the show and Brazil in those videos.

From all the growing action I’ve witnessed the last four years or so, I can affirm Brazil is a mature country. Just the market for investiments. 

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From Intermodal South America


In its 17th edition, Intermodal South America received  more than 43 thousand visitors. 550 exhibiting companies from 23 countries offered a fantastic variety of products and services. This year the vent had its exhibition area expanded to 35,000 squares meters, all divided into five pavilions, plus the outside area used for displaying heavy equipment.

Three days 

From the the very beginning, the amount of visitors was regarded by exhibitors as excellent. On the first day, April 5, former Minister of the Department of Ports, Pedro Brito, did a signing session of his recently published book: “Much to Navigate “. A logistic analysis of the Brazilian ports (this is the Minister first foray in the literature). In 16 chapters Pedro Brito examines Brazil’s leap of 20 
positions in  in the ranking of 155 countries with better logistical performance in the port sector.

The second day highlight was expected to be the visit of the São Paulo Governor, Geraldo Alkimim, he did not show, but the Minister of Ports, Leônidas de Menezes Cristino, did. The Superintendent of the Port of Rio Grande, Dirceu Lopes, received the visit of the Minister and asked for support especially for the port expansion project of the Island of Terrapleno. All Brazilian ports need help to cope with the long term over saturated system.

On the third there were less government celebrities around but sure lots of business. Interesting, the tone of the comments on the sidelines of the news (in press room) fell upon the new Minister of
Ports. According to several journalists it was hard to take something of substance from Leônidas Cristino – from what I understand the man has only evasive answers, it was clear that he knows little about the reality of the industry that he is now commanding. (Situation very similar to what happened recently with Vale.)

Through the show a unique lecture program content focused on the transfer of technology and information to seminar attendees. On the side of exhibitors, Softway‘s director, Mr Eduardo Vitor, said “Intermodal is a great opportunity all to find customers, make new contacts, launching new services and products”. “Here we reaffirm the company’s brand linked to foreign trade and logistics” he add. This time Softway introduced a new product called SOFTRACK – a solution for 
fleet management.

For the sales executive Adriano Lopes Gonçalves, this was the best show in the last three years in terms of business volume and opportunities. “The public was more focused this time”, he said. The fact, Intermodal South America is sure a reference in the logistic and foreign trade sector not to be taken for granted if one aims the Latin American market or, in it, needs to find products and services. 

Check bellow an interview with Ms. Vanessa G. Toré. She is responsable for management investment and trade promotion at the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Curaçao. She does give the tone of the show while speaking about opportunities and business in her beautiful homeland.


Intermodal – slideshow:


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