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Loan in Bolivia has been 100% funded

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This is an update on your loan to 1º De Mayo Dos Group in Bolivia.

Thanks to you and 167 other Kiva Lenders, the $4,725.00 loan request in Bolivia has been 100% funded.

This loan will be used for the purpose of: to buy cookies, soft drinks and sweets to stock her store

Over the 8 months of this loan, Kiva’s Field Partner in Bolivia, Emprender, will be collecting repayments from this entrepreneur and posting progress updates on the Kiva website.

Thanks for lending to the world’s working poor on Kiva!

Best Wishes,
Kiva Staff

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Carlos Rix

My name is Carlos Rix, I am in Brazil. This blog is a nice place to meet people, make friends, express myself, etc. I like Citizen Journalism. I am in Brazil now, but i have traveled around too. Places like Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, United States, Korea... there are many other places I would like to know... life is really nice, all I do is to give it a chance. I would like to visit Aquaba in Jordam, Lebanon, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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