Bin Laden – conspiracy theories

This morning I arrived very early at work. The media subject this week is Bin Laden and the killing. I say it was very disappointing that he was not brought before an international court. I understand the implications and difficulties related, but how are we better than our enemies if we act as they do? Worse yet is the uncertainty left in the air.

As I left the elevator I met two workers: a janitor and a building guard. Their conversation called my attention. It was about Bin Laden and his death. I came in just as they were saying that Bin Landen would now be somewhere in a nice place watching the news and laughing. I asked them directly “don´t you believe he is dead?” “No, I don´t”, the lady affirmed. “Where is the body?” went on the guard.

These are very nice and common people. We are in Brazil, here there is no fear of any sort of retaliation. The news arrive filtered, translated, you name it. These workers don´t speak English or Spanish they can´t read international newspapers. They have what TV GLOBO gives them. And it was very clear that the body was quickly disposed of.

       “No, but they tested the DNA.”  I told them.

       “Come on Carlos, DNA?”

Now, again, this is in Brazil, we don´t know much and we could reach this conclusions. Can you imagine what is going on elsewhere?

Bellow, three theories I just heard from my coworkers after telling them what I just told you above:

#1 Bin Laden bought his way out of the situation. He is very rich. He had many sons, with all that beard of his and the turban… He’s probably become now one of his own unknown sons. “What?!” Yes, now he has a new name and he can lead pretty much the same life still being a Laden family member.

 #2 Bin Laden is very rich and bought his way out of the situation long ago. He probably planted that place (where he was allegedly caught) a long time ago and now has a new face and ID. He is somewhere in Rio de Janeiro and probably has been twice to Carnival already – 2010 and 2011 parades.

#3 Very similar to the second one, Bin Laden is very rich and bought his way out of the situation. He´s probably planted that place (where he was allegedly caught) long ago and now has a new face and ID.  He is somewhere in Vegas with Elvis.

Can you imagine how many stories will come up in the Middle East and in the rest of the world? And I mean, much better than the ones above. I am sorry but something is not right or was not made the right way. Or, maybe that is exactly what was expected – specially in US – lots of talking. 

How about you? What is your conspiracy story or what are the stories you heard around? Please, put them in the comments here or if you write about them comment here too and add your link, ok? By the way have you seen or heard of any by Mr. Michael Moore?

Mayor Murdered Just Ahead of 9/11 – OhmyNews International 


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Carlos Rix

My name is Carlos Rix, I am in Brazil. This blog is a nice place to meet people, make friends, express myself, etc. I like Citizen Journalism. I am in Brazil now, but i have traveled around too. Places like Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, United States, Korea... there are many other places I would like to know... life is really nice, all I do is to give it a chance. I would like to visit Aquaba in Jordam, Lebanon, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

3 thoughts on “Bin Laden – conspiracy theories”

  1. You, being someone who speaks English and reads the international newspapers, who can easily communicate with people from all social conditions, are telling us that they are brainwashed by Globo? Come on, it’s not that we brazilians don’t know much. The media has been telling us lies for so long that we even think it’s reasonable to believe these people lack information when they doubt Osama’s death. They know better, in my opinion. If you do some research is not hard to find out that we are all being brain washed and led into disinformation. Osama is dead as I see it, but it didn’t happen now and it wasn’t USA that killed him. Any retaliation they may suffer was not really caused by any Al-Qaeda member. Remember, the enemy is usually not someone you don’t trust, since you won’t let them close enough to do you any harm. They are usually the ones closest to you, the ones you are supposed to trust and who you expect to protect you from evil ones. USA is going through a bad time when it comes to economy and they are spending lots of money on war. So much money and they couldn’t find Osama till ten year have passed. They didn’t show us the body. The same country that made that doubtful video about going to the moon. The media is the same everywhere – everything is planned and scripted before coming out. To tell the truth, we are the ones who are brainwashed in my opinion.If you are into conspiracy theories, look into vigilantcitizen dot com, search for Yuri Bezmenov’s testimonial about brainwashing and social engineering a nation, do some research yourself. But do something to get out of the Matrix. At least keep your mind open to different opinions. Don’t go trusting anything just because the media is saying it.

  2. Huashaua…adorei as teorias.Com certeza inventar que uma figura como a do Bin Laden está morta naum eh nada simples. Mas o fato do corpo ter supostamente sido lançado ao mar soa mto estranho. Bom, assim como nunca se provou quem realmente estava por trás do 11/09 nós, simples mortais, talvez nunca venhamos a saber o que realmente aconteceu.O que se pode saber eh q com certeza a popularidade do exército amerciano (que naum andava mto bem) vai ficar nas alturas, assim como a do nosso querido Obama. Afinal de contas, pior do que a GUERRA só msm o TERROR.

  3. Thank you for your comment. The idea is to make people think. I am actually sharing something I saw and heard before my very eyes. Fact is that the quick disposal of the body is casing controversy.

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