Campinas, SP – 3000 couldn´t care less

Show in the open, nice warm night, walk on the streets, listen to a great popular performance… what could be better? Around 3000 people from Campinas SP chose that instead of watching the final debate on major TV net work (TV GLOBO) tonight.

As I write (11pm) this Dilma Rousseff and Jose Serra fight their last battle before next Sunday when we all go to the pulls to elect our next president. The low level and aggressiveness of the campaign is sure to blame for the people´s lack of interest.

Never the less, have no doubt, we are going massively to the electronic urns to decide, we have to vote, but we like to do it too. Another sure thing is most people already know who they are voting for. 

We have to go there and press 13 or 45 and ENTER. Thanks to the electronic process about five hours after the pull´s closed we will know the name  of our next president.  (13 = Dilma, 45 = José Serra)

Published by

Carlos Rix

My name is Carlos Rix, I am in Brazil. This blog is a nice place to meet people, make friends, express myself, etc. I like Citizen Journalism. I am in Brazil now, but i have traveled around too. Places like Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, United States, Korea... there are many other places I would like to know... life is really nice, all I do is to give it a chance. I would like to visit Aquaba in Jordam, Lebanon, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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