Brazil Show

Intermodal South America took place last week in Sao Paulo – Brazil. It is the largest logistic and foreign trade show in the Americas. Conferences held during the event cover a wide range of topics for the air cargo, maritime, rail and road transport segments, foreign trade and services.

The numbers are impressive: This year more than 490 exhibitors met with 45,000 attendees. Attendees to Intermodal are people and businesses from over 45 countries. Its success is made clear when we learn that more than 40 companies were exhibiting at Intermodal South America for the first time.

The figures above are a clear reflection of the vitality of Brazil´s economy. Transport and logistics services, international trade services, IT and security, port and terminal equipment and technology are the major areas interest of the companies present and visiting the event.

In the video bellow the impression of many foreign people present:

The president of Sao Paulo´s Port, Mr Jose Eduardo Serra, gave us an interview about the developement of the most important port of Brazil and Latin America, the Santos Port:


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Carlos Rix

My name is Carlos Rix, I am in Brazil. This blog is a nice place to meet people, make friends, express myself, etc. I like Citizen Journalism. I am in Brazil now, but i have traveled around too. Places like Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, United States, Korea... there are many other places I would like to know... life is really nice, all I do is to give it a chance. I would like to visit Aquaba in Jordam, Lebanon, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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