FIESP meets FIAM 2009

Lats Wednesday (10/07/09)at the Sao Paulo Industries Federation FIESP), the Superintendence of the Manaus Free Zone (SUFRAMA) held an important event to promote the fifth edition of the Amazon International Fair (FIAM 2009).

FIAM has already been recognized as the largest showcase for business in the Amazon region and the show will take place from November 25th to 28th, in the city of Manaus – the capital of the state of Amazonas in Brazil. (read more about FIAM 2009).
“The importance of disclosing the fair in Sao Paulo is easy to understand, FIESP represents the heart of corporate business in Brazil” highlighted the superintendent of the Manaus Free Trade Zone, Flávia Barbosa Skrobot Grosso, in her opening speech.

Flávia Grosso
The Industrial Pole of Manaus (PIM) supplies the Southeast of the country, especially Sao Paulo, with most of its domestic raw materials some U.S. $ 7.9 billion just in 2008.

ForPaulo Miyakawa empresariou in both Sao Paulo and Manaus even the Brazilian need to know FIAM and Manaus

The ceremony toke place at the auditorium of Fiesp, Avenida Paulista and was attended by the executive secretary of the Ministry of Development, Ivan Ramalho, the president of Fiesp, Paulo Skaf, President Amazonas Industry Federation (FIEAM), Antonio Silva, and entrepreneurs interested in doing business in the Amazon region.

Flávia Grosso gives Paulo Skaf, a wooden box made from forest disposable wood.

Mr. Skaf, FIESP president, emphasized the importance of FIAM and Manaus Free Trade Zone as strategic for any Brazilian sustainability project to succeed. “25 mi people live in the Amazon region and they need to survive with dignity without harming the forest and we all need to make it possible”, he affirmed.

Paulo Skaf
 In the closer up of the event a group of regional music made a very warm musical invitation for participants to go and visit not only FIAM 2009 but also all the beauty of the Amazon (2 videos further bellow).

In the following two videos a taste of some of the attractions during the event:


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