BRAZIL – Winter Festivals for all

Many mountain towns of south of Brazil make their winter festivals. In general it does no snow in Brazil, but it does get cold. The last weekend a small town called Amparo, more or less 90 km from São Paulo (capital of the state of Sao Paulo), opened up its already traditional festival – the 9th edition of the Amparo Winter Festival.



The Amparo festival is not an international event, it is not in any official calendar other than the city one, but it did bring joy to the local and surrounding cities people; Campinas, for example, which is 60 km from Amparo only.



Like any Brazilian party it did not happen without music. Here it is registered for you to enjoyment too. This festival is in an inland, very human, touching and caring people city who seek to welcomes visitors with great commitment.


Watch bellow music of local artists, the arrangement called my attention – very beautiful:


The next one a composition by Yuri to praise Jesus. Veru nice tune:


Diversity is really synonymous of joy for all.



The Top Festival – Campos do Jordão


One of the most sought tourist sites during the winter is the city of Campos do Jordao, which is 160 km away from São Paulo capital. In Campos, this last weekend, the pompous International Winter Festival of Campos do Jordao started too.


This edition of the festival celebrates its 40th birthday with two special tributes: one by Heitor Villa-Lobos and another to the Year of France in Brazil. The festival is part of official calendar of events and 45 concerts are scheduled between days 4 and 26 July.


Several interpreters plays Baroque music, performed with instruments from that period to disclose composers from the 17th century to today.


The winter residence of the Governor of the state Sao Paulo is in Campos do Jordao and he inaugurated the Festival.


The year of France in Brazil


Thanks to shared values, an undeniable intellectual proximity and the same political vision, France and Brazil have built solid bases of mutual sympathy and admiration. This heritage is a starter for future action in order to build, instead of watching the construction of the new century.” (From the official French Year in Brazil website.)

In 2005 there was Year of Brazil in France – called “Brasil, Brasis”  – which meant that the French got to know Brazil its diversity, its wealth and creativity. It is now the time of the “Year of France in Brazil” launched with the same purpose in December 2008 by the presidents of two countries, called França.Br 2009, inaugurated on April 21st and with its end programmed for November 15th this year.

The program combines artistic events, cultural, scientific, technological, economic, academic and commercial aspects of France. Like the Campos do Jordao Festival.


França.Br 2009 will happen throughout the Brazilian territory. The official program of events may be found at the official website of the France Year in Brazil.

So as you can see even without snow there are winter festivals for all tastes and pocket sizes in Brazil.


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